Let’s talk about men’s skin care – traditionally women are a brand’s target demographic and products are marketed specifically towards one gender. At VIBERANCE we believe skin care is for everyone and a gender-neutral category. Skin care doesn’t have to be overly complicated; it should be a simple and enjoyable experience. Skin care is self-care.

We have put together a simple and effective 3 step gender neutral skin care routine.


The first step in an effective skin care routine is cleansing, this step should not be overly drying or strip skin of “good oils”. Instead, your face wash should keep skin hydrated and include some moisturizing ingredients, remove dead cells and aid in blood circulation. The use of a face scrub can also detoxify, tighten pores and keep skin looking “so fresh and so clean”!

We recommend our versatile face polish, can be used as an every-day creamy cleanser or an exfoliating scrub. RITUAL SMOKEY QUARTZ PURIFYING SCRUB’s key ingredients include Charcoal, Apple Stem Cell and Plant-Based Collagen. This detoxifying face + body polish is infused with Smokey Quartz Crystal and powerful plant-based that helps detoxify and remove pollutants leaving skin nourished + refreshed.

To cleanse with RITUAL Smokey Quartz Purifying Scrub, apply a thin layer to damp skin. Gently rub onto skin working upwards and outwards in a circular scrubbing motion. Rinse with warm water and pat dry. For a creamier every-day texture, add additional water to dissolve the natural exfoliating crystals resulting in the desired texture. Use 1 - 2 times a week.


The second step is eye cream, this step covers a lot of ground including helping with tired eyes, wrinkles and dehydrated skin. The skin under your eyes is thinner than the rest of your face and requires concentrated ingredients that will provide hydration and anti-aging benefits.

Our vegan and cruelty-free recommendation is CHERISH UPLIFTING EYE CRÈME. This scrub’s key ingredients include Acerola Cherry and Plant-Based Collagen. Infused with Rose Quartz Crystal and plant-based ingredients this all-natural anti-aging eye crème protects and perfects for plumper + younger- looking skin.

To apply CHERISH Eye Crème, take a small pearl-size amount and dot around eye area from the inner corner to the brow bone with fingertip. Using ring finger, gently pat the crème into skin working upwards + outwards.


The final 3-step product is moisturizer; this step is often overlooked because the wrong face cream can “weigh down your face” which means to “too much product” which may clog pores or sit on top the skin without being absorbed. We have the solution – our light-weight vegan face cream – its whipped texture is quickly absorbed for maximum hydration. A little goes a long way.

Get the perfect hydrated glow with RADIANCE AMETHYST HYDRATION RICH CRÈME. This face cream’s key ingredients include Ginseng, Rosehip and Vitamin C. Infused with Amethyst Crystal and plant-based ingredients are rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which help boost collagen development. This plumping all-natural crème helps improve moisture + anti-inflammatory properties reduce puffiness and redness for the perfect dewy glow.

To apply RADIANCE Crème, take two pearl-size amounts and place on 4 points of the face (each cheek, forehead and chin). Massage with gentle pressure in circular motions onto face and neck using upward strokes.

By including these 3 simple skin care steps you will build an efficient and effective skin care ritual. Our VIBERANCE crystal-infused skin care collection is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, ethically sourced + formulated without parabens or sulfates and do not contain artificial colors or synthetic fragrances. You can shop our beauty + wellness collection here.

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